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Wireshark 1.6.8 (32-bit) - 18.69M (Open Source)

Publisher's description

The Ethereal network protocol analyzer has changed its name to Wireshark.

The name might be new, but the software is the same. Wireshark's powerful features make it the tool of choice for network troubleshooting, protocol development, and education worldwide.

Wireshark was written by networking experts around the world, and is an example of the power of open source. It runs on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and other platforms. This download is for Windows only.

Wireshark can read live data from Ethernet, Token-Ring, FDDI, serial (PPP and SLIP) (if the OS on which it's running allows Wireshark to do so), 802.11 wireless LAN (if the OS on which it's running allows Wireshark to do so) and ATM connections (if the OS on which it's running allows Wireshark to do so).



File Size:
Open Source
May 23, 2012
2273 (All versions: 20844)
OS Support:
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/XP64/Vista64
MD5 Checksum:


# The following bugs have been fixed:
* User-Password - PAP decoding passwords longer than 16 bytes.
* The MSISDN is not seen correctly in GTP packet.
* Wireshark doesn't calculate the right IPv4 destination using source routing options when bad options precede them.
* BOOTP dissector issue with DHCP option 82 - suboption 9.
* MPLS dissector in 1.6.7 and 1.7.1 misdecodes some MPLS CW packets.
* ANSI MAP infinite loop.
* HCIEVT infinite loop.
* Wireshark doesn't decode NFSv4.1 operations.
* LTP infinite loop.
* Wrong values in DNS CERT RR.
* Megaco parser problem with LF in header.
* OPC UA bytestring node id decoding is wrong.
# Updated Protocol Support
* ANSI MAP, ASF, BACapp, Bluetooth HCI, DHCP, DIAMETER, DNS, GTP, IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.3, IPv4, LTP, Megaco, MPLS, NFS, OPC UA, RADIUS
# New and Updated Capture File Support
* 5View, CSIDS, pcap, pcap-ng

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